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service_Copy_of_Records.png Copy of Records
30 min Requested copying of Physiotherapy Records. $30 plus $0.40 per page.
service_LetterReport.png Letter/Report
30 min Fee for time spent preparing and sending letters/reports which may be requested by patients/insurance companies/lawyers etc...
service_Physiotherapy_1_Hour_Follow-Up.png Physiotherapy 1 Hour Follow-Up
$ 125.00 1 hr
service_Physiotherapy_1_Hour_Initial_Assessment.png Physiotherapy 1 Hour Initial Assessment
$ 125.00 1 hr One-to-One, client-centred consultation, assessment and treatment planning. Alignment, Exercises, Orthotics, manual Therapy, IMS
service_Physiotherapy_30_MInute_Follow-Up.png Physiotherapy 30 MInute Follow-Up
$ 85.00 30 min
service_Physiotherapy_45_Minute_Follow-Up.png Physiotherapy 45 Minute Follow-Up
$ 100.00 45 min
service_Physiotherapy_45_Minute_Initial_Appointment.png Physiotherapy 45 Minute Initial Appointment
$ 100.00 45 min Initial consultation and assessment, approx. 45 minutes. For more straightforward cases.
service_Concussion_Baseline_Testing_and_Initial_Assessment,_Rehab_program_development,_and_treatment.png Physiotherapy Concussion Initial Assessment and Baseline Testing
$ 220.00 1 hr 30 min
Duration: 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes

service_Physiotherapy_Short_Appointment.png Physiotherapy 20 Minute Follow-Up
$ 60.00 20 min Short appointment for taping, quick consultation, etc...
service_Cold_Laser_Therapy_15_Minutes.png Cold Laser Therapy 15 Minutes
$ 45.00 15 min
service_Cold_Laser_Therapy_25_Minutes.png Cold Laser Therapy 25 Minutes
$ 70.00 25 min
service_Cold_Laser_Therapy_30_MInutes.png Cold Laser Therapy 30 MInutes
$ 85.00 30 min
service_Cold_Laser_Therapy_20_Minutes.png Cold Laser Therapy 20 Minutes
$ 60.00 20 min

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